history of intel processors (part II)

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6. In the next year issued a processor type Intel i80186 and i80188. Since the emergence i80186 processor type, processor started is packaged in a PLCC, LCC, and PGA 68 feet .. i80186 physically 17 feet square with precision (PLCC / LCC) or 2 rows of foot precision (PGA) and the start of this i80186 chip DMA and interrupt controller integrated into the processor. since using the 286, IBM uses the term IBM PC-AT (Advanced Technology) and became known use of the term PersonalSystem (PS / 1). And also becoming known use 16-bit ISA slot, developed from 8-bit ISA slot, the Cloner began bustling to emerge. There are AMD, Harris & MOS fully compatible with Intel. In the 286 is becoming known use of Protected Virtual Address Mode to allow multitasking time sharing (via hardware resetting).


History of intel processors

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Intel is a company famous microprocessor and processor in the world. Intel is famous for the implementation of technologies. Whether it's Dual Core processor implemented on a computer that can accelerate the process, As well as the number of GOPS (Giga Operations Per Second) has. The history of intel processor is very long, so could be the biggest company as it is now.

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