What is Hard disk technologi ATA and SATA

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Hard disk is storage media on a computer, which is often referred to as "disk drives," "hard drive," or "hard disk drives," useful for storing and providing a relatively quick access to large amounts of data on electromagnetic surface is charged or set surface. There are two types of ATA and SATA hard disk that is what the difference is both the disk itself? you can read this


The history of the laptop and development of computer

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The history of the laptop and development of computer The osborne 1The development of computers from time to time very rapidly. From the first computer was originally a very large, until after the invention of the transistor computer began to be reduced in size while providing convenience to its users. Along with the development of the era and the growing needs of the community. Computers started to turn into a very important item and needs of computer is increasing. This became the initiator of the scientists to make a computer that can erngkat taken everywhere or portable.


[HOT] New Browser From Google, Google Body Browser

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Increasing number of Internet users, resulting in broser web service providers competing to make innovations to facilitate the end user to have this information from the Internet. A Google's biggest Internet companies, now provides additional convenience for Internet users to learn the parts of the human body.


History web

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History web
Web history began in the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN), in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. CERN is an organization established by 18 countries in Europe. In March 1989, Tim Berners and other researchers from CERN proposes a protocol on the Internet information distribution system that allows its members are spread all over the world share information and even to display information in graphical form.


Web Browser, what it's?

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For the hobby of your Internet access must be familiar with a web browser such as Mozilla, crome, Opera, IE and others. Is it a web browser? It is a Web browser is a computer program that provides facilities for reading web pages on a computer.


What is internet?

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Internet is now no longer a strange thing in our lives, almost all aktifiats we do is supported by the existence of the Internet, ranging from business and banking activities or the economy With the rapid technological advances, the current Internet can be contacted with a wireless connection from a PC or handheld of a notebook computer. buying and selling.

Does the internet really is? Put simply, the Internet is a collection of millions of computers around the world are connected between the one with the other. Media connections that can be used through the phone line, fiber optic (fiber optic), coaxial cable (coaxial cable), satellite or wireless connections.


History of Freeware Licensi

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Although is free, it was licensed freeware software has a long history. The emergence of the Free Software licenses can not be separated from the hacker culture that flourished in some university's computer science laboratory in the United States (Stanford, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, and MIT) in the 1960s to the 1970s. The staff of the computer / hacker who worked in the laboratory has a voluntary ethics (free) gave results of his work, whether in the form of new software and improvements (updates / patches). this is because the software developed by a hacker is a result of work of other hackers.


What is Freeware definition?

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Software that can be obtained free of charge. You can wear it as you like without paying. Generally this software is distributed via the Internet. But although free, a freeware software to obtain licenses must meet several criteria, in accordance with syaran given by Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS), a former hacker in the laboratory AI (Artificial Intelligent) MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which is a pioneering software freeware . Some of these requirements are:


What is Shareware definition?

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Shareware definition is a device that can be obtained or distributed freely. Software that can be obtained free of charge, but you are only entitled to evaluate the software during the period of time (try before you buy). Once past the deadline, and if you are interested to continue using the program, you must pay into the program makers. Some shareware not be used after the deadline passed, there is also a downgrade to the program, and some are still used even past the time limit.


Web definitions for Adware

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One type of software that often we te, ui is adware, what exactly is adware? In the article about the software explained that adware is software that can be used but are included in the advertising program.

Adware is often the software that became koputer penggangu for owners, as they often install themselves without permission from the user. Some types of adware are often encountered are:


What is Operating system?

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Operating system is a software system that served to make the control and management of hardware and basic system operations. Operating System software on your computer is a first layer that is placed on computer memory (hard drive), when the computer starts. While other software is run after walking Computer Operating System and Operating System will perform the core public service to the software. Core public services such as access to the disk, memory management, task scheduling, and user interface. So that each software does not need to perform tasks common core, because it is served and carried out by the Operating System. The code of the core tasks and the public is called the kernel of a Operating System.


What Is Software?

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Software is a collection of some of the commands executed by the engine computer in the work. This software is a record for the engine computer to save the command, as well as documents and other records.

Is the electronic data stored in such a way by the computer itself, this stored data can be either program or instructions to be executed by the command, or the records required by the computer to run an executable command.


What is Hardware?

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Hardware, is one element of a computer system, a device that can be seen and touched by humans directly, which supports the process of computerization.

Hardware can work on orders that have been determined there is to it, or also referred to by the term instruction sets. With the commands that can be understood by the hardware, the hardware can perform a variety of activities that have been specified by the command.


Fifth Generation Computer

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Defining a fifth-generation computer becomes quite difficult because this stage is still very young. An example is the fifth generation computer imaginative fictional HAL9000 computer from the novel by Arthur C. Clarke titled 2001: Space Odyssey. HAL displays all the desired function from a fifth-generation computer. With artificial intelligence, HAL could have enough reason to do percapakan with humans, using visual feedback, and learn from his own experience.


Fourth Generation Computer

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After IC, the goal of development becomes more obvious that shrink the size of circuits and electrical components. Large Scale Integration (LSI) could fit hundreds of components on a chip. In the 1980's, the Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) contains thousands of components on a single chip.

Ultra-Large Scale Integration (ULSI) increased that number into the millions. Ability to install so many components in a half-sized pieces of metal coins helped diminish the size and price of the computer. It also increased power, efficiency and reliability of the computer. Intel 4004 chip that was made in 1971 to bring progress to the IC by putting all the components of a computer (central processing unit, memory, and control input / output) in a chipvery small.


Third generation computers

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Although the transistors in many respects the vacuum tube, but transistors generate considerable heat, which can potentially damage the computer's internal parts. Quartz stone (quartz rock) to eliminate this problem. Jack Kilby, an engineer at Texas Instruments, developed the integrated circuit (IC: integrated circuit) in 1958. IC combined three electronic components in a small silicon disc made of quartz sand. Scientists later managed to fit more components into a single chip called a semiconductor. As a result, computers became ever smaller as the components can be squeezed onto the chip. Other third-generation development is the use of the operating system that allows the machine to run many different programs at once with a central program that monitored and coordinated the computer's memory.


Second Generation Computer

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The discovery of the transistor in 1948 greatly influenced the development computer. Transistors replaced vacuum tubes in televisions, radios, and computers. As a result, the size of electronic machinery has reduced drastically. The transistor was used in computers began in 1956. In other findings in the form of magnetic core memory-assisting the development of second generation computers smaller, faster, more reliable, and more energy efficient than their predecessors.


First generation computers

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The development of computers has been around since pulahan year ago, due to the Second World War, the countries involved in the war sought to develop computers to exploit their potential strategic importance computer. This increased funding to accelerate the progress of the development of computer and computer engineering. In 1941, Konrad Zuse, a German engineer to build a computer Z3, to design airplanes and missiles.


What is computer?

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Computers are now no longer be foreign goods in our lives. Almost every activity in our lives using computers. Do you know what a computer actually is? Computer comes from the Latin computare which mean count. In addition, some experts have also been described What is computer?

1) According to Hamacher, the computer is an electronic calculating machine that quickly and can receive a digital input information, then process them in accordance with programs stored in memory, and generate output information.

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