What is Freeware definition?

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Software that can be obtained free of charge. You can wear it as you like without paying. Generally this software is distributed via the Internet. But although free, a freeware software to obtain licenses must meet several criteria, in accordance with syaran given by Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS), a former hacker in the laboratory AI (Artificial Intelligent) MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which is a pioneering software freeware . Some of these requirements are:
1.Freedom 0
Users are free to use the program for any purpose

2. Freedom 1
Users are free to Examine the source code to see how it works

3. Freedom 2
Users are free to distribute the program to others. With or without charge.

4. Freedom 3
Users are free to improv the program.

Is the software you use now freeware, shareware or adsware?

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