Web Browser, what it's?

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For the hobby of your Internet access must be familiar with a web browser such as Mozilla, crome, Opera, IE and others. Is it a web browser? It is a Web browser is a computer program that provides facilities for reading web pages on a computer.
Browser first. created by Tim Berners Lee. In 1990, for about a month Berners Lee developed the first browser on the NeXT computer, called NeXTstep. Actually NeXTstep go round at once editor of the browser. when using this software, there was no difference between the author of the document and readers. Unfortunately NeXTstep browser can not be used on computers that use windows platform which is being used at the time of many people.

Web browser for Windows was first mosaic in May 1993, Marc Andreesen and a few students from NCSA to make the Web browser for X-Windows system. Web browsers already merupakn mosaic web browser that is not only based on text only, but also suport with charts.

Mosaic has attracted attention both from users of old and new users on the Internet. Then NCSA Mosaic to develop other versions for UNIX-based computer, NeXT, Windows and Macintosh. But in 1994, Netscape has replaced popularity Mosaic.merupakan a text browser, which now has evolved into a web browser in the form of multimedia.

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December 24, 2010 at 1:10 PM

I like mozila, it is my browser favorit

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