What is internet?

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Internet is now no longer a strange thing in our lives, almost all aktifiats we do is supported by the existence of the Internet, ranging from business and banking activities or the economy With the rapid technological advances, the current Internet can be contacted with a wireless connection from a PC or handheld of a notebook computer. buying and selling.

Does the internet really is? Put simply, the Internet is a collection of millions of computers around the world are connected between the one with the other. Media connections that can be used through the phone line, fiber optic (fiber optic), coaxial cable (coaxial cable), satellite or wireless connections.

When we log on or connect to the internet, we are given the right of access to other computers around the world who connect well with the Internet. There bnayak once we can do when we use computers connected to the Internet. Some of them are:

1. send an email or a letter electrically. by sending an email, text or data that we send will reach destination quickly.

2. chat is a service to we can mengrobrol with our friends very much, initially chatting only able to deliver the words. With technological development, is now not just copy the chat via text chat, but now we have to each other face to face with a rock video chat.

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