The history of the laptop and development of computer

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The history of the laptop and development of computer The osborne 1The development of computers from time to time very rapidly. From the first computer was originally a very large, until after the invention of the transistor computer began to be reduced in size while providing convenience to its users. Along with the development of the era and the growing needs of the community. Computers started to turn into a very important item and needs of computer is increasing. This became the initiator of the scientists to make a computer that can erngkat taken everywhere or portable.

In the 1980s know the first portable computer or laptop launched. The Osborne 1 was the name given to the first portable computer. Name Osborne 1, taken from the name of the maker, Adam Osborne. As a writer and publisher of computer books, Adams believes, for personal computers (PCs) are more successful, it means the PC must be able to move.

And it turns out Adam was right. The Orborne a successful dominate the market. The first laptop that exist in this world weighs about 24 pounds. Consisting of a full size keyboard, two full-sized floppy drives, and a credit card-sized monitor. But unlike modern laptop, the Osborne 1 yet have battere.

A very large size, the defeat Osborne 1 also caused because the world wants a computer with an IBM PC or compatible machines, but Osborne 1 does not have it.

In 1983 a historic year, while Compaq, a computer company from Texas to introduce The Luggables, the first IBM PC compatible portable. Luggable not much different from the Osborne 1, only the larger size of the monitor.

The Model 100

Radio Shack Model 100, the world knew him as the first portable computer that is very similar to modern laptops. Radio Shack Model 100 computer was build in the battery, unlike that pendahulnya directly from the electric power consumption.
But it is unfortunate Model 100 is not designed for IBM PC compatible. This third-generation laptop comes with a screen 8 rows and 40 columns, as well as some built-in program. Namely, word processing, communications, scheduler or appointment book, and the programming language BASIC. At that time, Radio Shack Model 100 has almost everything needed by those who want portability. Except one, the Model 100 is not designed for IBM PC compatible.

Ultimately in 1988 the first portable PCs Compaq SLT launched. Compaq SLT, the first portable computer that actually looks like a laptop today. Just like the desktop, these first-generation laptops are equipped with full-sized keyboard, full-sized screen, floppy drive, and a microprocessor 286. Compaq SLT was able to run all the programs the IBM PC.

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