What is computer?

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Computers are now no longer be foreign goods in our lives. Almost every activity in our lives using computers. Do you know what a computer actually is? Computer comes from the Latin computare which mean count. In addition, some experts have also been described What is computer?

1) According to Hamacher, the computer is an electronic calculating machine that quickly and can receive a digital input information, then process them in accordance with programs stored in memory, and generate output information.

2) According to Blissmer, the computer is an electronic device that can perform several tasks as follows:
- receives input
- processing the last input in accordance with the program
- keep the commandments and the results of processing
- provides the output in the form of information

3) by Fuori computer is a data processor that can perform large calculations quickly, including the calculation of arithmetic and logic operations, without intervention from humans.

To realize the main functions of the computer as a tool to process the data or information, there is the so-called computer system. Computer system is a combination of several devices, namely software, hardware, and brainware. When the device tersebutlah made to work optimally computer to process data or information that you input.

Understanding these devices is the third brief
1. Hardware is equipment that is physically visible and can we hold.
2. Software is a program that contains instructions or orders of arithmetic to perform data processing.
3. Brainware is a man who operate and control computer system.

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