[HOT] New Browser From Google, Google Body Browser

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Increasing number of Internet users, resulting in broser web service providers competing to make innovations to facilitate the end user to have this information from the Internet. A Google's biggest Internet companies, now provides additional convenience for Internet users to learn the parts of the human body.

This application Google Body Browser, a browser that is used to examine the human body and identify the organs, bones and muscle groups. Human body parts that are displayed on Google's Body browsers can be played, the manipulation and shown up to us to find out how to function and bone tissue.

Body Google Browser also encourage the introduction of new technology, called WebGL Internet, which allows complex 3D graphics used in normal web pages, without having to specifically adapt the plug-in browsers such as flash or java.

To use the google body browser application, you can click this link http://bodybrowser.googlelabs.com

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