What is Operating system?

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Operating system is a software system that served to make the control and management of hardware and basic system operations. Operating System software on your computer is a first layer that is placed on computer memory (hard drive), when the computer starts. While other software is run after walking Computer Operating System and Operating System will perform the core public service to the software. Core public services such as access to the disk, memory management, task scheduling, and user interface. So that each software does not need to perform tasks common core, because it is served and carried out by the Operating System. The code of the core tasks and the public is called the kernel of a Operating System.

Operating systems also function as a liaison between the layers of hardware and software layers. in addition, computer operating systems also do all the important commands in the computer, and ensure that different applications can run smoothly functions simultaneously without a hitch.

Operating System consists of several parts:

1. Boot mechanism, namely to put the kernel in memory
2. Kernel, the core of an Operating System
3. Command Interpreter or shell, which reads input from the user
4. Bibliography, which provides a basic set of functions and standards that can be invoked by other applications
5. Drivers to interact with external hardware, as well as to control them.

Some examples of operating systems are Windows, Mac OS (Macintosh Operating System), and Linux

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