What is Hard disk technologi ATA and SATA

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Hard disk is storage media on a computer, which is often referred to as "disk drives," "hard drive," or "hard disk drives," useful for storing and providing a relatively quick access to large amounts of data on electromagnetic surface is charged or set surface. There are two types of ATA and SATA hard disk that is what the difference is both the disk itself? you can read this

1. ATA

Most types of drives used by computer users type, Almaty (known as IDE drives). ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) using 16-bit parallel is used to control computer equipment, and has been used for 18 years as a standard. ATA standard, such as the 200GB Western Digital model, have a two-inch ribbon cable with 40 pin data connections and requires 5V for each pin 4-pin connection.

Type ATA is based on standards in 1986, using 16-bit parallel and continues to grow with additional speed and size of the disk. Final standard is ATA-7 which was first introduced in 2001 by the T13 committee (the committee responsible for determining the standard ATA). Type ATA-7 has a data transfer 133 MB / sec. Later in the year 2000 set the standard for the Parallel ATA has a data rate of 133 MB / sec, parallel ATA, but there are many problems that singnal thymine, EMI (electromognetic interference) and intergitas data. Then the industry tried to solve the problems caused by the parallel ATA and create a new standard called Serial ATA (SATA)


With 15 pin SATA power cable with 250 mV, apparently require more power in comparison with 4 pin ATA, but in fact the same. And the best SATA capability is likely to achieve maximum bandwidth of 150 MB / sec.

Other advantage of SATA is SATA is made with hot-swap capabilities so that it can turn off and turn on without shut down the computer system.

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