History of intel processors

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Intel is a company famous microprocessor and processor in the world. Intel is famous for the implementation of technologies. Whether it's Dual Core processor implemented on a computer that can accelerate the process, As well as the number of GOPS (Giga Operations Per Second) has. The history of intel processor is very long, so could be the biggest company as it is now.

1. In 1971 Intel released processors MCS4 series which is the embryo of the i4040 processor. 4-bit processor is planned to be a brain calculator, in 1971 also, intel make revisions to the i440. Originally commissioned by a Japanese company to manufacture calculators, it is far more powerful processors than expected, and Intel bought the rights to the Japanese company for the development and further research. From this beginning the development of processors for computers.

2. In 1972 came the first i8008 8-bit processor, but somewhat less preferred because multivoltage, then emerging i8080 processor, here there is a change that is so triple-voltage NMOS technology (PMOS no longer), and introduces the first time the system clock generator, packaged in Array shape DIP 40 pins. Then came also the processor: Motorola's MC6800 -1974, Z80 from Zilog and processors - another processor 6500 series made by MOST, Rockwell, Hyundai, WDC, NCR. Z80 fully compatible with the i8008 only until level machine language. I8080 processor is a processor with 8-bit internal registers, external bus 8-bit and 20-bit memory addressing (can access 1 MB of total memory), and operating modes REAL

3. In 1977 came the processor type 8085, clock generator onprocessor, embryo bakalnya use single voltage +5 V (implementation until 486DX2, DX4 starting at +3.3 V, etc.).

4. In 1978 appeared i8086 processor, this processor has a register, 16-bit external data bus, 16-bit and 20-bit memory addressing. This processor is also equipped with HMOS technology, 16-bit bus supporting components are very rare, so the price becomes very expensive.

5. To answer the growing market demands, then released processor type Intel i8088 internal bus 16bit, 8bit external bus. So i8088 can use 8bit peripheral components used i8008. IBM chose this chip to manufacture IBM PC because it is cheaper rather than i8086. IBM first PC release in August 1981 has 3 versions of IBM PC, IBM PC-Jr and IBM PC-XT (extended technology). I8088 chip is very popular, until the NEC unveiled a chip that is built on the i8088 chip pin specification, which was named V20 and V30.

NEC V20 and V30 is compatible with Intel processors up to the level of assembly language (software). 8088 and 8086 chip fully compatible with programs created for the chip 8080, although there may be some programs made for 8086 will not work in 8088 because of differences in chip wide bus.

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