Amaizing iPhone 6 with 24 carat gold

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Price of the iPhone 6 is already quite expensive, especially if Apple's premium smartphone is made of 24 carat pure gold and diamond studded along the side and the company logo.

"This is probably the most exclusive phones that ever existed in the world today. I can say, the price is equivalent to buying a small island," said founder Goldgenie Laban Roomes as reported by the Mail Online, Tuesday (02/17/2015).


New Preview Galaxy S6 update

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Galaxy S6 which will be released on March 1 next Samsung at the Mobile World Congress 2015 to be held in Barcelona, Spain

This time it was not just the appearance of the Galaxy S6 immersed in the case of hard-cover, the edges are also clearly visible. Likewise, the rear side, even to the details of the camera that looks somewhat prominent.

Based on that, it is quite possible Galaxy S6 cameras will be handed shots first-class in the mobile segment. Previous Samsung spokesman Jang Dong Hoon's time to highlight the ability of Galaxy S6 cameras are called 'smart', because it can adjust its own settings according to conditions.


Funny Ads Zoo Android to iPhone

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Fragmentation is a term used to refer to not serasinya user experience in using Android devices.

This is caused by the difference between hardware and software tools on the market, and is a consequence of the nature of the Android operating system that is open and free use anyone.

According to PC Magazine reported on Thursday (12/02/2015), was the most likely would be submitted by the Google Android in an advertisement titled "Friends Furever".


Grand Design BlackBerry Passport

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BlackBerry Passport attract attention with its unique shape. His form passport sized box attracts a designer to dress them. The Result? It was amazing!

Andrew Zhilin, designers who want to create a Passport appear more different. The concept design made, combining aesthetic features Rado Tech to the BlackBerry smartphone made.

Rado Tech is the brand behind the famous Swiss watch with stylish and elegant design. Thus, through creative brain Zhilin, merging design and Rado Passport produce a design that is claimed classy.


VMware cloud computing security solutions

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VMware cloud computing security solutionsAlthough safety was in doubt, cloud technology has entered a higher level. Many companies have started to implement its hybrid cloud is a combination of private and public cloud. VMware brand-new solution was claimed to be further facilitate implementation.

Telkomsigma conduct a strategic collaboration with VMware, to rate the level of cloud-based security solutions.

Vmware cloud computing overview

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