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Galaxy S6 which will be released on March 1 next Samsung at the Mobile World Congress 2015 to be held in Barcelona, Spain

This time it was not just the appearance of the Galaxy S6 immersed in the case of hard-cover, the edges are also clearly visible. Likewise, the rear side, even to the details of the camera that looks somewhat prominent.

Based on that, it is quite possible Galaxy S6 cameras will be handed shots first-class in the mobile segment. Previous Samsung spokesman Jang Dong Hoon's time to highlight the ability of Galaxy S6 cameras are called 'smart', because it can adjust its own settings according to conditions.

With so users will get the results jepratan ciamik without having to bother setting manually, such as the selection of ISO, brightness settings, and others. Jang associated with the statement, also called the Galaxy S6 offers 20 MP capabilities.

Continues to design, leaked this time also reveal that the thickness of the Galaxy S6 seems indeed quite thin. The issue himself calls this Samsung champ mobile candidate has a thickness of about 7 mm. However, the edges of the Galaxy S6 no messing shaped like the Galaxy Note 4, but the rounded style of the iPhone 6.

While it's part of the screen, called the Samsung finally decided to use a qHD resolution (2560x1440 pixels) on the Galaxy S6, followed phones other upscale already ahead. Whereas before South Korean manufacturers have had to survive in Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) when releasing the Galaxy S5 last year.

About processor, Samsung reportedly keukeuh still octa-core processor uses 64 bits of its own. While the internal memory offered up a capacity of 128 GB option. Due to the large internal memory capacity, some say the Galaxy S6 will not provide a micro SD slot. If true, it means that consumers do not have the option to add storage.

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