Re Design Google Glass From Tony Fadell

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Mid-January, Google Glass stops produced. However, Google promised not to permanently stop the production of the smart glasses.

Google is likely to realize its promise. Reported KompasTekno (06/02/2015) from ArsTechnica, Google has been appointed CEO of Nest, Tony Fadell, to cook up the concept of Google Glass. Allegedly, Fadell wanted to redesign Glass from scratch.

Google said the party would not rush released a new version of the Glass. "Tony will not release anything until absolutely perfect. Glass will be launched when really ready," said the Google.

Fadell desire Glass design from scratch, sounding as if Glass will show up with a concept that is completely different from the previous. Allegedly, Glass will use the technology of System on Chip (SoC). That is, all the system will be integrated in a single processor.

For more discussion on the Glass-friendly on the market, it seems Fadell takes a long time. The problem, now the competition for increasingly fierce smart glasses. Major vendors such as Apple and Samsung as well known to spawn smart eyewear products.

It remains unclear when Glass definitely be re-released. Desusnya rumors, the new version will Glass slide at the end of 2015.

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