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Fragmentation is a term used to refer to not serasinya user experience in using Android devices.

This is caused by the difference between hardware and software tools on the market, and is a consequence of the nature of the Android operating system that is open and free use anyone.

According to PC Magazine reported on Thursday (12/02/2015), was the most likely would be submitted by the Google Android in an advertisement titled "Friends Furever".

One-minute video ads are reaping four million views in just over three days featuring a variety of cute animals ranging from cats, dogs, ducks, elephants, until dolphins and orangutans who looked interacting with familiar.

Sound tagline "Be together, not the Same," at the end of the advertisement was as "celebrating" Android fragmentation as well throw subtle allusion to Apple's all-new mobile devices are so integrated in the iOS ecosystem.

Similarly, the soundtrack accompaniment "Robin Hood" from Disney / Roger Miller, tells the story of a hero who stole from the rich and distributing wealth to the poor.

Android gadgets on the market also appeared with various hardware and software configurations, as well as the operating system version. This becomes a problem for consumers while not all of them deliver the same quality of usage.

Google Play app store, for example, is not necessarily compatible with the user's device. Likewise, the operating system update.

Similar problems also occur in Apple's iOS mobile devices, but in a much smaller scale because of Apple's closed ecosystem in which embraces all of the hardware manufactured by Apple itself.

On the other hand, fragmentation can also be seen as something that is "good". It is, for example, allowing the manufacturers make inexpensive devices that, not like Android iOS- able to reach all levels of society.

Consumers also gain the freedom to choose the device in accordance with the needs and desires, whether that has a large screen or small, cheap or expensive precious, it has many features or vice versa, "thanks to" the diversity due to fragmentation.

Google itself was later known to attempt to minimize fragmentation in the ecosystem in order to maintain the consistency of user experience, among others through the Android project and uniformity One Android smart clock Wear.

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