Google Take over Odyssee photo

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Now there are more alternatives for storing photos. Want to be saved as files private or share them to a number of people. Google recently acquired Odyssee photo backup applications. Application Odyssee is iOS and Android apps that allow photos taken of using a smartphone or tablet will be automatically backed up to the user's computer.

Users can also make private arrangements sharing photos with people that have them choose. There is also an API (application programming interface) that can be integrated into other applications.

Google Take over Odyssee photo

"We are very excited to divide Odyssee Google+ Platform Team Team. Vision Odyssee is to be the easiest way for everyone in unlimited capture moments and access them anywhere," wrote Odyssee through its website.

Odyssee is said, by joining Google they will continue to focus on creating products that people like. To assist the process of transition, Odyssee services will continue until February 23, and after that, all the photos and videos will be available as a downloadable file.

Not known unclear what will Google for the application. But considering Odyssee closed on February 23, this information reinforces rumors as Google will incorporate Google+ photos to the service itself, the possibility of using technology and services Odyssee.

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