Galaxy S6 Edge Preview Before Launcing

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Outstanding issues call Galaxy S6 will have two variants: the regular version and the use of double-sided display technology aka dual edge. When the leak looks Galaxy regular S6 has been widely circulated, now turn Galaxy S6 Edge. Like what?

The sightings leaked by Cnet Korea. Design looks a bit different from most mobile phones Samsung, even arguably entirely new. This leak also seemed to ensure dual edge display technology that will be carried Galaxy S6 Edge.

When Galaxy Note Edge screen just overflowing to the left side, then Galaxy S6 Edge have screens on all sides. This means that in addition to the main screen, the left side and right Galaxy S5 Edge will be met by the screen. Practically, the design of the periphery Galaxy S6 Edge is also slightly different.

Switch to the back side, the design of the back cover Galaxy S6 Edge also looks different. At first glance looks plain surface with the use of a matte black finish. Average surface shape also completely without any indentation. As a result, the overall design Galaxy S6 is so firmly and classy look.

Of leaked pictures are limited to speculation. But if true, Samsung truly successfully demonstrated innovation. Not just from the dual edge display technology, but also of design that gets significant improvisation.

Galaxy S6 Edge is called to be released on 1st March. This means that only a few weeks left to see the real face of this Samsung champ mobile candidates.

Problem specification may not be much different from the rumors that had been circulating, the octa-core processors use 64 bit Snapdragon 810, 4 GB RAM, qHD screen 2560x1440 pixels, and had a 20 MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization

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