VMware cloud computing security solutions

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VMware cloud computing security solutionsAlthough safety was in doubt, cloud technology has entered a higher level. Many companies have started to implement its hybrid cloud is a combination of private and public cloud. VMware brand-new solution was claimed to be further facilitate implementation.

Telkomsigma conduct a strategic collaboration with VMware, to rate the level of cloud-based security solutions.

Vmware cloud computing overview

This solution is part of innovation Always ON. "Collaboration between Telkomsigma and VMware believed would give added value to the services and cloud-based solutions that we offer to the industry," said Judi Achmadi Telkomsigma CEO, in a statement on Wednesday (11/19/2014).

Claimed such as VMware's new solution thrusts integrated platform computing, networking, and storage for hybrid cloud tervitualisasi. VMware also claims to be the first in the world to offer to the industry.

VMware brings the concept of software-defined on its integrated platform that. So that users believed to be easier to manage a variety of existing applications, both traditional alias stored in the company's internal servers and cloud-based applications.

"Software (defined) has become a key element in business transformation process that is now underway that had been traditionally managed," said Adi Rusli, Senior Director and Country Manager of VMware Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (02/11/2015) .

VMware is positioned in between private cloud and public cloud. The components consist of VMware and VMware vCloud NSX Air which serve as a bridge between the private cloud and public cloud over the network, as well as VMware vSphere 6  became main foundation for the hybrid cloud.

VMware give more than 650 new features that can be felt on the user's flagship virtualization solution. Including promises ease of integration with OpenStack framework.

VMware also offers a wide choice of openness and infrastructure development. The specific example is pengkonvergensian many fragmented data centers in companies, both located in the company's internal and cloud, especially since the increasing trend in the use of mobile devices. Thus the number of silos in the enterprise data center can be reduced and made convergent.

Relying on VMware's unified platform, the company also no longer need to build the infrastructure from scratch. Since the company could consider using cloud services that have a lot to offer, so that infrastructure development could be faster.

"No need to get up the infrastructure from scratch. Kan can now lease the infrastructure, applications, and others who provided the service provider cloud, "Tell Adi Rusli,

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