history of intel processors (part II)

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6. In the next year issued a processor type Intel i80186 and i80188. Since the emergence i80186 processor type, processor started is packaged in a PLCC, LCC, and PGA 68 feet .. i80186 physically 17 feet square with precision (PLCC / LCC) or 2 rows of foot precision (PGA) and the start of this i80186 chip DMA and interrupt controller integrated into the processor. since using the 286, IBM uses the term IBM PC-AT (Advanced Technology) and became known use of the term PersonalSystem (PS / 1). And also becoming known use 16-bit ISA slot, developed from 8-bit ISA slot, the Cloner began bustling to emerge. There are AMD, Harris & MOS fully compatible with Intel. In the 286 is becoming known use of Protected Virtual Address Mode to allow multitasking time sharing (via hardware resetting).

7. to reach the lost momentum of the i8086 chip, Intel makes i80286, processor registers, 16-bit external bus, 16-bit protected mode is limited, known as Standard mode uses 24-bit memory addressing that can access a maximum of 16 MB of memory. 80 286 chips is of course fully compatible with 808x series chips, with the addition of several new instruction set. Lack of this chip has a few bugs in its hardware design, so failure collect followers.

8. In 1985, Intel launched a new processor design i80386. A 32-bit processors, has a 32-bit registers, the external data bus 32-bit, and maintain compatibility with previous generation processors, with the additional introduction of 32-BIT PROTECTED mode for 32-bit memory addressing, is able to access a maximum of 4 GB, and additional several new instructions. This chip is started is packaged in a PGA (Pin Grid Array). Intel processors do not currently use the FPU unit internally. To support FPU, Intel launched a series of 80 × 87. This began to emerge since the 386 processor Cloner: AMD, Cyrix, NGEN, IT, IIT, IBM (Blue Lightning) etc.,

9. Around 1989, Intel launched i80486DX. series is a speed increase and support internal FPU and clock multiplier scheme (series i486DX2 and iDX4), without additional new instructions. Because public demand for cheaper processors, Intel launched a series i80486SX that do not other processor circuits i80486DX the FPU disabled. Series i80486DX have full compatibility with the instruction set chips previous series. AMD and Cyrix processors i80386 then buy the design and i80486DX to make Intel-compatible processors, and they proved successful.

10. In 1993, and Intel launched the Pentium processor. Increase against i80486: PGA structure greater higher speed, and pipelining, WITHOUT new instructions. Nothing special about this chip, just the fact that the VLB standard created for i80486 not fit (it is not compatible) so that the makers were forced to redesign the chipset to support PCI. Intel Pentium uses the term to prevent its rival. Intel uses the term because Intel Pentium defeated in patent court. reasons rate can not be patented, because it uses Intel Pentium TM issue. AMD + Cyrix did not want left behind, they issued a standard Pentium Rating (PR) in 1992 Intel had previously ditahun collaboration with Sun, but failed, and Intel was sued by Sun for allegedly copying the design of Sun.

Since the Pentium, Intel has implemented Pipelining capabilities that typically exist diprocessor cuman RISC (RISC like SunSparc). Vesa Local Bus 32bit is the development of ISA 16bit architecture uses a fixed clock because it has its own clock generator (usually> 33MHz), while the PCI architecture is a new architecture which follow clocknya speed processor clock speed (usually speed half the processor speed). So PCI VGA card will not be the same relative velocity at different frequencies MHz processor, the faster the processor the faster MHz PCI.

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