What Is Software?

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Software is a collection of some of the commands executed by the engine computer in the work. This software is a record for the engine computer to save the command, as well as documents and other records.

Is the electronic data stored in such a way by the computer itself, this stored data can be either program or instructions to be executed by the command, or the records required by the computer to run an executable command.

Software is divided into 3 types:
application program (application program such as Microsoft Office)
operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, linux ubuntu, Mac,
Programming languages are divided over high-level programming languages like Pascal and low-level programming language is machine language.

Software based on the distribution divided menjadni three types:
1) freeware or software that is free or available for use free of charge.
2) Adware is software that can be used but are included in the advertising program,
3) Shareware is software that is distributed for commercial purposes, any users who wish to use or obtain the software by purchasing or paying on the party who distribute it. users who use a paid software is generally not permitted to distribute the software freely without permission from the manufacturer.

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