What is Hardware?

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Hardware, is one element of a computer system, a device that can be seen and touched by humans directly, which supports the process of computerization.

Hardware can work on orders that have been determined there is to it, or also referred to by the term instruction sets. With the commands that can be understood by the hardware, the hardware can perform a variety of activities that have been specified by the command.

Physically, the computer consists of several components, which is a system. The system is the components work together to form a union. If one component does not work, will result in the malfunction of a computer properly. Computer components are included in the category of hardware elements (hardware). Based on its function, the computer hardware is divided into:

1. Device input is a tool to enter data, samples and mouse keyboar.

2. Process device is a tool to meproses data, for example, is the processor (ALU, Internal Communication, and Control Registers section)

3. Output devices, is a tool to display the results of the input that has been in the process. Monitor and printer example.

4. Backing Storage is a storage medium on a device, eg hard drive

5. Peripheral is an enhancement

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