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One type of software that often we te, ui is adware, what exactly is adware? In the article about the software explained that adware is software that can be used but are included in the advertising program.

Adware is often the software that became koputer penggangu for owners, as they often install themselves without permission from the user. Some types of adware are often encountered are:

1. Adware
Adware is advertising are included as hidden by the programmer. Generally programs are free, but with the compensation the user must accept advertising on the program. Adware is actually functioning as a form of promotion or advertisement banners. T

2. Spyware
Spyware generally is a type of program that collects and transfers information about the person and habits browsingnya for the purposes of advertising / promotion. Spyware is not a virus but a suspicious software (malicious software / malware) that can install itself into the computer, with the aim of stealing computer data such as email address and statistics of hits on the Internet.

3. Grayware
Grayware operate by similar to malware, but is not spread to harm users directly. Mostly, information on patterns of use both data collected to sell them or to place advertisements systematically.

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