A738 Android 2.2 Dual SIM

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A738 Android 2.2 Dual SIM Dual Bluetooth GPSSmart phone with TV WiFi Java

Although Chinese lunar year end and extremely close to of Spring competition, there are few new phones as a result of most the manufactory closed for vacation or referred to as back phones for stocktake; umibuy.com still continues to administer shoppers sudden surprise. As knowledgeable China mobile wholesale, this time, umibuy.com revealed a spanking new powerful Android two.2 smartphone with abundant fashion functions and applications.
A738 Android 2.2 Dual SIM

Android 2.2 OSThe new phone could be a GPS TV quad band smartphone with android two. 2 operation system, its CPU chip is Media Tek MTK6516 416MHz, NAND flash is 2Gbit+DDR 2Gbit, information transfer by EDGE, Bluetooth2.0, WIFI and IR, it support TF card up to 32GB. With such higher configuration, it will surpass as several as nice Android smartphones.

Dual Sim twin standby As way as client grasp, the previous Android sensible phone simply equipped with single sim single standby perform. It appears China smartphones step into twin sim twin standby time. This low cost smartphone additionally support twin sim twin standby perform. 3D music, camera, wireless keyboard,  Android  TV. It supports PAL/NTSC/SECAM color TV support. With the similar operation of FM radio, when easy setting, users will watch as several as wonderful TV programs of native TV channels.

GPS A738 Android 2.2 sensible phone additionally comes with cool GPS perform. With the assistance of the wonderful guide perform, it's a lot of easier and safer to travel anywhere users wish to travel while not a guider. there's no got to worry concerning losing directions. HD twin camera with flashThe low cost China phone equipped with three. 2MP high definition twin cameras. Users will use it as a true digital camera to require footage and record videos. it's very a reasonable moveable recorder to assist users take wonderful recollections. along with flash, even use within the dark evening, users will still get high definition footage.

Wi-Fi & JavaCertainly, the unlocked China phone supports WiFi and Java perform. Users will hook up with web conveniently with a wireless router. Besides, as long as there's a hot spot, users will surf Infobahn wireless while not further charges. Users may also download as several as nice Java applications and Java games. twin Bluetooth The cool China sensible phone comes with twin Bluetooth. It suggests that users cannot solely support hear music, however additionally support take a decision. it's terribly cool and convenient to possess hand free. G-sensor The PDA sensible phone additionally supports G-sensor perform. It supports screen modification automatically by following the users’ action.

In addition to the higher than fantastic functions, a budget China phone additionally supports Yahoo message, advanced task killer, ebook, calculator, calendar, car home, clock, deskclock, ebuddy, email, Facebook, Gmail, maps, market, MSN, twitter, voice dialer, Youtube, etc. Except this sensible phone, umibuy.com additionally offer shoppers another big choice of Android sensible phones and Windows sensible phones value shopping for.

A738 Android 2.2

A738 Android 2.2 Dual SIM

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