Top Free Games for Android

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Android has been the most popular word this year, you'll own a minimum of one Android device, and this text can show the highest free games for Android. All are rated and praised. simply download these games and have a try! you'll love them!Angry BirdsAngry Birds has hatched two hundred million downloads. You see how standard it's. On the App Store, Angry Birds is obtainable during a $0.99 paid version yet as a limited-content free version, for Andriod users, you'll download this nice game on Android martket for complimentary.

As for the sport itself, Angry Birds follows the exploits of its titular enraged birds as they plan to destroy fortresses engineered by undesirable pigs. The strategy puzzle game sees players launching the birds from an enormous slingshot, making an attempt to topple the fortresses in as few shots as doable. Jewels Here: Swap the jewels back and forth to match three or a lot of during a row. there is one thing indescribably satisfying concerning the clacking sound these jewels create on every occasion they drop from the sky once a series is made.

Top Free Games for Android

For people who played this game back within the keyboard and mouse days, gameplay is somewhat improved with barely interface, and therefore the leaderboards are cross-platform, thus players will compete even against friends with iPhones! SolitaireSome things can never withdraw of fashion. Though it has been known by several names (variations embrace "Patience" and "Klondike") individuals are taking part in some style of Solitaire since the late 1700s, and currently it's offered on mobile platforms! Words With FriendsEventually, for months of waiting and rumors, "Words With Friends" is obtainable on Android! Recently acquired by Zynga, this mobile "Scrabble" clone stays true to its original lexicon and board format, with cross-platform support for those eager to battle their iFriends.

Robo Defense Free This tower defense game is one in every of the foremost standard choices currently offered for Android, during this game you'll expertise final moveable defense system. The graphics are sensible|specialized|particular|dedicated|specific|really expert} and you'll realize several good maps, achievements and upgrades within the gameit. i might say it's one in every of the foremost standard game for Android. Gun BrosIf any Android app might be said to be the "cadillac" of mobile games, Gun Bros would be it. however A word of warning, however: This game will need a lot of storage resources than most so as to play, thus serious fans would possibly wish to take a position during a card for further memory. simply have a strive it.

Paradise Island For this game, you only like an honest builders, building hotels, restaurants and discos, additionally building your own empire of entertainment! flip your island into a paradise where you'll escape from your labor to. Paper TossFinally, this hit game arrived to Android. among 3 issue levels and 3 completely different scenes, players should fling a wad of paper into a trashcan whereas an exponent blows at varying speeds, all from a first-person perspective.

It's tougher than it sounds, though— watch out! World War™ A war for future. it is the year 2012. A nuclear war has broken out. five countries have emerged because the major superpowers within the devastating war. you'll battle with different players live. you'll found countless individuals taking part in the sport on-line. Around 2.8millions of player are going to be active on every occasion after you login. NinJump Another entry from the team that created Paper Toss, ninjas during this game should fight their thanks to the highest, whereas avoiding bombs, squirrels, shuriken, birds, and different ninjas.

Taking out 3 like enemies during a row grants a mega-jump bonus, and objects is combatted mid-air when jumping back and forth. DownloadPlay iTunes music and videos on AndroidYou can't solely play games on Android devices, however additionally hear music or watch videos on them. wish to play iTunes music and videos on the Android devices? Noteburner DRM removal software can assist you take away the DRM from your purchased music and videos and convert them to Android devices at constant time

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